Thursday, April 11, 2013

Initial Soundscape Written Piece

      The space is somewhat tight, without much extra room to move around, and the ceilings are average height. A table, covered with a tablecloth, sits in the center of the room with only two bowls of soup. The soup is a light, summer soup, mostly made from broth and cream, with herbs like dill sifting to the bottom. There is a large chandelier above the table, and although the room is dim, there are many points of light reflected across the table and on the walls. Color-wise, the room is full of muted grays and dark blues.  There are two entrances to the space, but they are at the far edges of the room. Neither entrance has a door.  No people occupy the room, except for the viewer—who is not a person either.  The viewer is a disembodied (but locomotive) ear or microphone, able to listen and move around the space without affecting the materials with anything more than a slight rumbling, pulsing vibration. The object-ear will descend from the ceiling chandelier slowly (the sound bouncing off the many lights and hanging bits of glass), fall through the empty air below the chandelier, lowering itself out of curiosity past the chandelier and into a bowl of soup on the table.

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