Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lee - Portrait

Reba Collages

                                                    David Bowie, Mars
                                  1970s porn, pile of mealworms, lots of ants.


Lee- Digital Collage 1 & 2

Hard Edge Collage
 key words: plane field, architecture pattern, red thing, earth, old kitchen, moon

Integrated  Collage
key words: sunflower van gogh, dead sunflower, smoke, mirror, ocean, starry night

Digital Collage - Youngbin

bread knife, foil, plastic glove, rotten fruit

peeling skin, barbed wire, haptic visuality

Project 1: Digital Collage

Collage 1 -Integrated

-paint splash
-white space

Collage 2 - Hard-Edged

-green astronaut
-googly eyes

Monday, January 26, 2015

Collage- Greenberg

Search Terms: 
Stacks of books
Search Terms:
Spiral Stairs
Blue Prints

Project 1: Digital Collage

Digital Collage 1
Wonder woman, bat girl, bat woman, hawkeye kate bishop, hellcat marvel, jenny sparks, spider woman.

Digital Collage 2
Aerial crop views, Thomas Jefferson.

Project 1: Collage

Hard Lines Collage: cash, cigar, mugshots 1920s, newspaper, smoke, police

Integration Collage: mugshots, burglary, animal hospital, unforgettable, panic

Project One: Digital Collage

Artist statement: ink stains paper, ink, wave ink

Artist statement: mantis shrimp, hands, black hole, dying star

Project 1: Digital Collage

Collage 1: Hardedge Juxtapositions


Artist Statement: old medical illustration fetus, Venus of Urbino, vintage vacuum cleaner advertisement, graph paper, raw meat, sausage links

Collage 2: Integrated Relationships


Artist Statement: phrenology head, flowers, body builder, tea cup, tea bag, mouth, Time Magazine, PC board

Project 1: Digital Collage

 Search terms:
floating girl, flying bicycle, jellyfish, string of butterflies, moon, sunlight, rainbow, sky pattern, sky, balloon
 Search terms:
sitting model, forest, big mac, cow, screaming mouth

Pro.1: Digital Collage

Collage 1 (black and white large image looking through a window, monster arm grab, galaxy large) Harder-edged

Collage 2 (women's legs photograph detail black and white, dripping red wine, wine glass)
Slightly more integrated

Project 1: Digital Collage


Search terms: Metropolis 2001, Kilian Eng, gears


Search Terms: Space, marble relief

Project 1: Digital Collage

Collage 1
Artist Statement:
Teeth, tooth, china hutch, blue willow, red willow, blue willow patter, lips, plate stand.
Collage 2
Artist Statement:
bed, bedroom, aerial view of Iowa, aerial view of farmland, quilt, grass.

Project 1: Digital Collage---Taffe

Fashion model
fancy makeup
burned newspaper
old building
bird cage
Pudge the cat
clockwork spring

merry go round
tear drop shape
surfing old photo
scratch paper
melting cream
ice cream
ocean wave texture

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project 1: Digital Collage

Hardedge Juxtaposition

glitch art
new york png
black white city
eatsleepdraw pastel

Integrated/Complex Relationship

watercolor png
watercolor splatter
screen print
typography print
black and white skyline
san francisco
new york
skyline silhouette
technology gentrification
class war
banksy technology

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Final Video





Bird Bones


FINAL- Mermaid




Dunnington Final: Big Birds

The Perfect "Human" - Four Obstructions, Final video project

Video Link

Life Obstructed (Saw Min Maw final video)

Saw Min Maw
ART 246: Digital Media
May 13, 2014
Final video (obstructions)

I chose two narrative excerpts from the film Waking Life (2001) that I wanted to use as the overarching narration of my piece. Regarding form, I drew from two styles of editing- montage and infographics. I used corresponding images and video to the narration as a means to provoke thought that associates the content. I chose popular media footages that I am already familiar with and believe that many my age can relate to, mainly from the internet.

Link to my video:

Click Me!

My Poetic Experience Link


Here is my poetic experience link


Monday, April 28, 2014

Experiencing FB relationships

Different way to experience mythology:



Dunnington Poetic Experience



lyricalthirst project blog


digital documentation of my analog poetic experience project!

gross things people do in public


here is my web archiving project -_-

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Collection of Variation

View in addition to the projection/video demonstrated in class.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another's Skin

Here is a link to the twitter account, @anothersskin. In your tweet, you should definitely include the hashtag #AnothersSkin, and can also tweet @anothersskin. If you don't have a twitter account it's super easy to make one, otherwise I guess you could post the pics on here and I could tweet it?

SMM Vinyl cut

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tune Walk (36 titles)

No map, but lost in thought? No worries.

Come, sit. Listen to the psychedelic stereo, as it casts
reflets dans l'eau.

Just float on the melody.

It's that simple, really, I'd like you to join me.

It would be a shame to spend the day without you.

We can walk, ride on falling leaves
or upon a brass elephant, take your pick. I prefer to walk.

The saxophone is moanin'
as the foggy morning
breaks into a bright day.

Share with me the sun as it
melts, painting the soundscape gold.

There is no uncertainty
that there is a delicate sense of balance in this dimension.

Within the sonic woods,
musical notes bloom into tessellating flowers,
which confess
true love from the future.

Blaze a path with your funk blaster.

Through loud pipes,
it spews forth the wildfire
of a universal language.

You can feel the mcfunk vibrations
creating an uncanny simulation of
humanity's heartache fetish.

Unnatural silence has faded
since day one, and will stay as such
until doomsday.

What about us, you ask?

I'm glad to let you know
that I know the truth.

The genesis of recorded sound
has granted, on impulse, relative immortality.

We must go on
countless walks.