Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sound Project: Push

Edith March
Soundtrack Pro

Process-Developing Concept:
Initially, I wanted to produce a set of sounds the depicted an object trying to escape a trapped space. By using sound effects such as echoes, panning or increasing tempos, I plan to depict the object’s desire to leave the trapped space. If the space was to be visually explained, I imagine myself as being trapped in a rectangular box. I am slowly running out of air so I am trying to break the sides of the box down.

Final Statement:
            The final collective sound piece Tight creates a small box-like space. The object jumps around, banging against the sides of the box (each side of the box has a different texture/thickness). The smallness of the box can be suggested with the use of producing a sense of friction the box has against the ground as the force of the object causes the box (trapped space) to shuffle around the floor. The additional dimension the sound scape ‘illustrates’ is the listener’s contribution to try and get the object out of the rectangular box. When the listener comes across the jerking/shuffling box on the ground, he or she comes curious what may be in that small space. At the same time, I wanted the listeners to fear what may be in the box. The listeners would retreat from the jerking box in fear that the object may break out.
Throughout the sound tract, most of the time, the object tries to leave the space; however, there are also a few lulls where the object gives up trying the break the walls. After a lull, the object restarts its efforts to break down the unbreakable walls. As a whole, I wanted the listener to feel nervous and unsettled even though there are relativity limited dramatic sounds throughout the soundscape. I want the listeners to be stuck in limbo where they are curious what is in the oddly textured box, but do not want the box to break apart to free the object.

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