Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Soundscape- The Hunted

As you walk through the sparse woods, with a gentle storm around you, you feel like you've finally escaped. 

They can't find you here. You've finally escaped.

Thunder begins to rise in the distance, as the storm draws nearer. 

Something is wrong. It's not thunder. 

They've found you.

You duck behind a tree, the ship hovers around the woods, passing back and forth over your hiding spot. The ship is so massive that it makes the rain simply stop. It blocks out the sun and the rain. With the gentle pattering of the rain on the leaves now gone, the noise of engine and the pounding of your heart are all you can hear.

You are sure that this is the end of your escape.

But just as quickly as it arrived, the ship is gone. 

You're safe once more. 

As your heartbeat calms down, you begin to walk again, into the rain and freedom.

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