Monday, March 11, 2013

Digital Alteration


Edith March
Ice Queen
Digital Camera, Photoshop, Printed on Matte paper; Mounted on Black Styrofoam

The initial goal for Ice Queen began from trying to confuse the viewer’s ability to distinguish reality from digital craft. Though most of the image is constructed from an abstract digitized world, some of this abstract shapes on the body were physically drawn on the model and were not altered in the final image. However, a narrative built up within the image as I integrated the model into her abstract world. The narrative focuses on the transition between winter and spring. As the symbols of spring, butterflies, fly onto and into the ice queen, she melts and bleeds (though she continues to smile, possibly accepting the natural cycle of seasons). In addition to the confusion between reality and abstraction, (which are vague concepts) I wanted to examine how spring, commonly accepted as a symbol of life, can also mean the death of winter.

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