Monday, March 11, 2013

Altered Image

For this project I was interested in altering the past in terms of memory. The original image is one I took on a trip Paris with my parents so in this way, it is a representation of my memories. However, I altered it to change the people in the image to my dad and me. I wanted to explore the idea of changing how events in my past happened. In addition, I was interested in not just the alteration of my past memories but also in playing with the idea of heritage. My dad and I are in the place of two people who were actually from France. By placing us in the position of these two, we become more a part of the country. This was interesting for me because people often think that I am French. In some ways, this is also an alteration of memory. In playing both with the interaction of more immediate and heritage I’ve created an alteration of reality on different levels. This concept of different realities and the ideas of “what could have been” or “what it seems like” are very interesting to me. This interaction was a way to play with these ideas.

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