Monday, March 11, 2013

Altered Image

At first, I approached this project by adding different things into a image. I manipulated colors, size, shapes, or even took a figure from one image and put it in another. The images that resulted lacked cohesion, simplicity, and was obviously altered. I thought back to the first day this project was introduced and tried to change my mindset of what an altered image meant to me. Alexander Apóstol's images stood out to me, because his images were so realistic that in some cases you were not sure what was wrong/missing from them until someone else told you. This changed my focus. I had taken this image originally because the sky was so awing. But as I looked closer it was really obstructed by the power lines. I used inspiration from Apóstol's work and removed the power lines. Now the image is almost representing a fantasy of what I wish I had seen or of what could have been seen without man-made structures interrupting our views. 

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