Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Timekeeper's Transgression - Eric Mistry

This piece was the first image that flashed into my mind when the prompt of "transgression" emerged as a topic. I assembled this selection early on, but it never managed to make it into my final pieces. However, I felt it was my best capture of "transgression" in visual form.

The piece itself is composed of two main components: the clock and the sky. These two images conjure up entirely different connotations, so placing the two together, so intimately connected, seemed to suggest a type  of transgression, merely through juxtaposition. Further consideration of the two symbols (the clock and the sky) leads to a different set of metaphors for each. The sky represents free, nature, a timeless state. This stands in stark contrast to the image of the classic clock, the eternal timekeeper of borrowed minutes and of mankind's attempts to draw order in the unpredictable natural world.

It was a distinct challenge to up-resolution this selection, but it made me consider content, as well as form. By making the clock edges crisp and man-made in contrast to the fluid, natural wisps of clouds, I could draw further attention to the transgressions within my piece.

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