Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Matt Mertes

Sound Critique Feedback


Sara said...

This sounds like a dark h large space
object introduced at 15 seconds is high pitched and repetitive.
another object is introduced at 48 which sounds like a space ship, the sound repeats again at 1:01
flat lines at 1:08 which is harsh and unexpected.
this noise does not seem to go with the piece thus far.
I:34, the interrupting noise with therhythm breaking though the flat line is strange compared to the first part of the piece, although the weaving in and out of the two sounds is interesting.

Julie said...

Very electronic, I felt like I was in a small environment-like a cockpit. I felt that the objects were like events. The first, ;16, seemed like an alarm. The second was at ;50. The third object, at 1;40, seemed like a radio station coming in and out of range in an interesting way. It seemed slightly out of place, however.

Hannah said...

Immediately throws you into the space, also very droning and electronic. This space is definitely small and overpowering, partially because of the loud volume. There seem to be several changes in direction (:13, 1:10, 1:36) , but I don't really read these as objects. The shift at 1:10 is definitely the biggest turning point, where the whole piece changes, like you've been attacked by all the little bees at the beginning and I'm in cardiac arrest. 1:36 is another big change. I hear the remnants of a voice and I'm not sure how this relates to the rest of the space. Instead it just makes me curious if the voices have meaning. The space hard to follow, and I don't really see the connections of the different pieces within the whole. It sounds more like a suite with different movements than one space.

Clint said...

I love the opening note of the piece (it sounds like the same opening note of the Shangri-Las song, Walking in the Sand), and the oscillations propel the song forward and keep a steady driving rhythm. When the object is introduced is at 1:07, the noise and bass signal sounds really great and unsettling. The syncopated drum sounds seem a little off, and I wish you had done more manipulation with the sounds you introduced at 1:07. The ending seems abrupt although unsettling, and continues with the theme of an unsettling, uncomfortable space.

Brian said...

Pulsating then a harsh transition into the object encounter at :14 then again at :28, Then at 1:11 the angry pulsating suggests a very very small space then at 1:30 it shifts into a musical environment, almost like the subject was in an elevator the whole time with a door opening and closing as it moved around the situation. the transitions being so abrupt really show the encounters with objects, and the music adds a new element

armando said...

The space is big by broad sounds in the background. The encounter of the object is at :16s which later is repeated.Description of the object: loud, Chaotic, and rhythmic. Engaging sounds 2:18s; 1:39

Grace said...

The space seems to be large. There are different object encounters at 17, 47, 1:35. These object encounters seem to be all very different from each other. The beat that is introduces at 1:35 is very interesting along with the dragging and different anomalies done to that particular beat. Not so sure about the quiet ending.

Mengyu said...

The space is like an endless tunnel where the wind keeps coming from. The first encounter happens at 20s is like chasing by a scary flood or tornado or something that moves really fast. However, at around 55s, there is a sudden jumping into a new scene, which seems controlled by an epic power so even the time could be distorted. The drums introduced at 90s are like a revelry of lots of people and are really pleasing. However, again, at around 2:00 or 2:10, the time is distorted and everything falls apart at the end.

Vadim said...

The space seems large, however when the listener encounters the object around 1 07, the space becomes irrelevant as the object is overwhelming and you can no longer hear the space. The object is a giant machine with large gears and moving parts (suggested by the beat, which I thought was done well).

Andrew said...

Unknown space surrounded by large objects far away, and closer digital objects. I do not feel like I am physically moving around the space, but explore it visually- as if I am looking around. Encounter at 01:05;00 glitch something bad happening
01:38;00 music/language repeating. Is this part of the glitch?
02:22;00 A recovery or escape?
01:38;00 the 'music' (or language) seems to contrast with the rest of the sounds in a way as to pull me out of your constructed composition.
Engaging: The last few seconds of the ending are a nice reprieve from the harsher sounds.