Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Julie Bunt

Sound Critique Feedback


Clint said...

I am slightly confused by the space the piece suggests although the overall slowness up until 1:06 does suggest some sort of swaying, rhythmic movement. The object seems to be introduced around 00:30, and I feel that the encounter is somewhat troubling. After 1:06, I am unsure what the piece is suggesting and I feel a distinct shift almost to the point of it being a separate movement. I think it lacks some of the subtle intricacies that makes the first movement so interesting.

Brian said...

Very futuristic like a large room very distant,concrete sounding with a monster and bats inside, as well as maybe very damp and possibly some drug use? The subject is in a large room sounds like they are investigating and there are some smaller animals in the room. 30 sec is first encounter with something large and ominous, also another large thing at 1:25 with squeaks of what sounds to be a rat? The subject is moving in the space slowly around rustling or looking for something. I think the irregularities are there purposefully and add to the content of the space by showing it is dirty maybe and isnt plain and flat

Sara said...

The space seems narrow and expansive. Haunted and organic.

object encounter at 30 and 24.
footsteps at 1:16
object encounter at 1:28
twig breaking is a nice effect as a climax of the action

end noise seemed out of place, would have been nice to fade out to a faint whistle.

Hannah said...

This is a big space, like a cave. There's a lot of room to move around, and there seem to be several objects entering. The loud rush of noise at :37 is imposing, antagonistic. I get the feeling that someone is running from this sound, trying to escape, and the scene changes at 1:11 with the watery noises. The first couple of seconds seem oddly sudden, as does the ending. This space feels like it would fade in and out, not begin and end in such an abrupt way. I most appreciated the whistling tones that drove the piece, and I feel that this was the most productive sound in setting the ethereal tone.

Grace said...

The space seems to be large, dark, cold. In the beginning the space seems to be explored by one walking through it slowly. We seem to encounter an object at 33 sec and another at 1:27. The first object seems to be harsh and fleeting while the second not so much. I don't really understand how the ending fits.

armando said...

The Space seems to be very large due to the large volume of sounds. From the movement is by swimming.
Encounter w/ object :30s. The object is loud and strong. Irregularities 1:58 and 2:58. engaging 1:00

Matt said...

This piece gave me the strongest impression of a cold space. The crunchy steps immediately trigger an autumn feel, and the howling wind in the beginning feels like a high up space. The navigator in this piece is sneaking around, very carefully, slowly. Once the startling sounds bust in, the pace steps up, and the high-pitched whistle descending in tone carried the feel of falling and stumbling about. The encounter seems large, sharp, and dangerous, and has a very frightening feel, as it seems to be what the navigator is sneaking from. There was a sudden loud crack near the end that really caught my attention that i liked.

Mengyu said...

The space starts at a huge factory or metallic building in the night. There is cold wind. An encounter of metallic collision happens at around 34s. The movement is mostly based on the steping sound which I assume is from the fragile leaves. At 1:20, another huge explosion-like encounter seems happens at outside of the original place. Based on the constant steping sounds from 1:20 to 1:50, I assume the explosion is getting far away from.

Vadim said...

The space seems large, open, empty and cave like. The viewer navigates it with a mix of falling and walking. The object encounter comes in at 1 05 as the viewer seems to interact with a large liquid like object - either walking or moving a hand through it. engaging sound combination at 22 sec.

Andrew said...

Expansive, deep space- cold and windy. Object encounter at 00:01:08;00- sounds like water/liquid as small pool comes to mind.
Sound Irregularities:
Wind sometimes sounds too much like whistling, taking me out of the constructed space.
Replicated, but somewhat ambiguous nature sounds.
Crumpled texture sounds.